One New Jersey

The facts speak for themselves.

Over the past few years, New Jersey has consistently trailed the rest of America when it comes to jobs. In fact, under Governor Chris Christie and his policies, the state’s unemployment rate reached its widest distance from the national average since the 1970s. Right now, New Jersey has the country’s 7th highest unemployment and is the worst state in the region when it comes to joblessness.

While Christie’s policies have surely warmed the hearts of right-wing think tanks, they’ve had a chilling effect on New Jersey’s families.

Protecting tax cuts for multi-millionaires, but vetoing an increase to the minimum wage reveals a backwards set of priorities.

Property taxes skyrocketed some 20% on Christie’s watch, while services are slashed. Fiscal pain is pushed along to municipalities, while local residents are paying more and receiving less from local government. New Jersey also became home to the 2nd highest percentage of mortgage loans in foreclosure in America, even though rates nationally are falling to their lowest levels since 2008.


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