By Star-Ledger Editorial Board – The Star-Ledger

There he goes again. Gov. Chris Christie intends to renew his push for tax cuts next year, even though New Jersey can’t remotely afford it.

We have the fourth highest debt in the nation per capita. And we are committed to make enormous pension payments in the coming years. But instead of offering a realistic plan to handle those challenges, the governor gives us magical talk about tax cuts. No wonder Wall Street has lowered the state’s bond rating on his watch.

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By Alex Napoliello –

The poverty rate in New Jersey is much higher than the official measure.

A new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that 1.35 million N.J. residents are living in poverty, much higher than the officially reported number of 900,000, according to WHYY in Philadelphia.

Poverty rates in 13 states and D.C. are higher than previously reported, the report shows. California saw the biggest jump, followed by New Jersey.

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By Dean Obeidallah – The Daily Beast

Chris Christie’s greatest obstacle to becoming president of the United States is neither his weight nor his conservative credentials. It’s his crappy economic record as governor of New Jersey.

Yes, I know Christie just won an impressive reelection victory, securing 60 percent of the vote in a blue state that President Obama won by 17 percent in 2012. And for those who weren’t aware of how amazing that feat was, Christie was happy to explain it Sunday morning, taking a victory lap with appearances on NBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox News. The governor is starting to make Kim Kardashian look camera-shy.

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By Jenna Portnoy and Salvador Rizzo – The Star-Ledger

Property tax reform? Taxes rose. Abortion rights? He’s against them. Sandy hero? Ask the tens of thousands still homeless. Economic growth? Not much, compared to the rest of the country. Temper? Yeah, he has one.

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By Darryl Isherwood –

Gov. Chris Christie’s official Facebook page is awash in comments attacking him for his treatment of a teacher during a campaign stop this weekend.

Christie and Buena Regional Middle School teacher Melissa Tomlinson had a brief exchange during a campaign stop in Somers Point Saturday when Tomlinson asked the governor why he referred to some of the state’s schools as “failure factories.” Accounts differ, but Tomlinson said the governor snapped at her, telling he is “tired of you people.”

The exchange ended, according to Tomlinson, with Christie telling her to do her job before turning and walking away. A spokeswoman for the governor said Christie and Tomlinson were talking about funding levels when he said no matter how much the state spends on education “it will never be enough for you people.”

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