One New Jersey

There’s nothing funny about what
Chris Christie is doing to our families.

It’s easy to sell a bill of goods in a five-minute segment with softball questions on an entertainment show, but it’s quite another thing to answer for consistently trailing America when it comes to jobs, vetoing women’s health funding and vetoing an increase in the minimum wage while protecting a tax cut for millionaires. When you scratch the surface, there’s an enormous gulf between Christie’s manufactured image and the reality that New Jersey families are hurting under his watch – because of regressive policies, backwards priorities and wrong decisions.

Under Chris Christie, New Jersey has America’s 7th highest unemployment and is the worst state in the region when it comes to joblessness. Property taxes skyrocketed some 20% on Christie’s watch, while services are slashed. Fiscal pain has been pushed along to municipalities, while local residents are paying more and receiving less from local government. Commuters are dealing with higher train tickets, bus fares and tolls. Schools are in disrepair, while teachers are disparaged. New Jersey also became home to the 2nd highest percentage of mortgage loans in foreclosure in America, even though rates nationally are falling to their lowest levels since 2008.


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