About One New Jersey

New Jersey’s families are under attack … One New Jersey is here to fight back

Right now, families throughout New Jersey are struggling to make ends meet in the face of record unemployment, a relentless housing crisis and a State House that has showered the super-wealthy with gifts while hammering the middle-class and working families.

Someone has to fight back. That’s why One New Jersey was formed.

With New Jersey’s families being squeezed like never before, One New Jersey is shining a light on those elected officials who act against the best interests of New Jersey’s residents. We are calling out those who seek to divide our state for their own political gain. One New Jersey is an independent 501(c)4 advocacy organization that closely monitors policy positions and actions of elected officials and exposes their records on the issues that matter. We are here to give voice to the important issues that affect our daily lives.

One New Jersey is pushing back against those politicians and policies seeking to take our state down the road to ruin. We will be watching, responding and ready to hold their feet to the fire. When politicians side with Wall Street over Main Street we’ll blow the whistle. When they take free helicopter rides at taxpayers’ expense we’ll expose their hypocrisy. And when they talk about shared sacrifice, but the only ones actually sacrificing are the middle-class and working families, we’ll point out the inequity.

Now more than ever, we must stand united in moving New Jersey forward and against those who stand in the way of progress. Far too many elected officials – such as Governor Christie – remain obsessed with giving handouts to casino executives, lobbyists and mall developers. Multi-millionaires are paying less, while middle-class families are forced to fork over more.

Frankly, New Jersey’s families are worse off now than they were two years ago. From the moment Governor Christie took office, hard-working people are paying more and getting less, while special interests and the powerful are reaping rewards. We will keep tabs on the important issues affecting our state – such as preserving and creating good quality jobs, building sound infrastructure, maintaining a safe and clean environment, providing basic health services, promoting fair tax policy and providing quality public education.

One New Jersey and its supporters stand united to make New Jersey the Number One state to raise a family, and in so doing, to rescue New Jersey from those who would seek to pit the residents of our state against one another. It’s time to re-ignite progressive values and hold public officials accountable for their actions. Through this grassroots website, One New Jersey will engage the public in a conversation about the real-life impacts of bad policy on our families. We seek to foster an ongoing dialogue, and it’s the stories from real people that will showcase how New Jerseyans are truly being hurt.

Remember, as Bruce Springsteen says, nobody wins unless everybody wins.


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